Friday, May 30, 2008

Safety First

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And, yes, I do always carry mace on all of my dates. (However, the can I carry is more subtle)

Now, I am certainly not one with much romantical tact and I hope some day that my off-color remarks will make a better first impression than they most likely did here. Every purse I own is a black hole and locating the whereabouts of my wallet always requires a little bit of dissecting. At least I cleaned out my purse that morning. Since I was attending a Colbert Report television taping earlier in the day, I knew it would be best to leave my knife, gun, knitting needles, and taser at home...

For accuracy, I replicated the exact shirt I wore. (It looks less obnoxious in real life, I promise.) 

P.S. I actually updated on time for this Saturday. Awesome! Let's see if I can keep this up and hopefully start diving into some better material soon!

Friday, May 23, 2008


Ah, the joys of miscommunication that I am sure the majority of us suffer often. People, myself included, are guilty of assuming everyone else thinks and wants the same things we want. I feel most of my problems come down to being so caught up in what I want, that I forget other people have a say in the situation as well.

Anyways, this comic... seeing as this is the first post, I will give a nice background and disclaimer. First of all, this comic does not have a set update period yet, however, I am looking into biweekly, every Saturday. Just check back whenever you're bored. Secondly, this is going to have a bit of a slow start. Sorry, today's is not that funny. The introduction stuff is just like that sometimes. I felt that way about the first Lord of the Rings, but you need that first installment to set up all the awesomeness that is to come in the next two stories. I'm not making any promises, except for dry, dry humor mixed subtly with murder and other whimsical thoughts I've conjured while trying to stay awake in history class.

I feel the need to point out this is an exaggerated event of a past encounter I have had. I figured to use his image since it is rather generic and he was the first oceanographer* I have ever been involved with. As for that bit about the money, I had been living briefly in Baltimore at the time and he was someone I met in New York City. So yea, we were buddy buddy online and I eventually went up a few times to see him again, blah, blah. Clearly we both had a different idea where this was going. It was the classic battle between Relationship and Friends With Benefits. But this is not about him, this is about all the guys or girls like him, the ones who are sly and persuasive and manipulative and selfish. The ones my friends keep me late up at night on the phone and on the computer yelling or crying to me about. The ones who get away with treating good people like shit because we will not do a damn thing about it. I just get so frustrated at times, I have to draw myself shooting a violin through their window because I can't afford to buy one and actually do it.


P.S. I hope he never sees this, knowing his image was valuable enough to be drawn and distributed via internet by one of his empty hookups is the last thing his ego needs.

*For more about oceanographers, have a listen to this fantastic song: